Goodbye Goodricke


As of Thursday of this week I finished my last exam and I have finished my first year of Uni, a time for reflection if ever there was one.  Although if you said the word ‘reflection’ to any other York Law student they might be likely to subject you to torture, which is quite a tangent on its own but I suppose I’ll briefly explain.  As part of the sparkling new Law course at York, we had to complete a Learning Portfolio for five of our modules.  What is a Learning Portfolio?  That’s a very good question that many asked for a very long time, the answer early on being ‘If we tell you how to do it then that will defy the point in doing it’.  It turns out that a Learning Portfolio is an 8000 word piece of work explaining how we achieved the various module learning outcomes that we didn’t know about.  As a lead up to this we were supposed to have been keeping some sort of diary about how we were getting on with the modules called a Reflective Learning Journal.  As a result a large amount of our Learning Portfolio was suppose to be dedicated to our ‘reflections’ on different modules.  This basically resulted in us all writing 8000 words of made up rubbish a week before our Learning Portfolio had to be handed in.  It was an unfortunate time for everyone involved.  My friend Hannah said she still has nightmares about it.  Anyhow, after that tangent, I will actually get back to reflecting over my first year of Uni.

I arrived at Uni in October along with my mum, dad, sister and Anna (who came along for moral support or to laugh at me).  I was very scared and nervous upon my first arrival, especially seen as though the place I was about to see would be home for the best part of year and the people I met I was going to be living with throughout that time.  I did choose Goodricke College at my first choice of college when applying to York Uni, basically because it was in the middle of campus.  It turns out a lot of other people didn’t because they knew what it was like.  Despite having a better opportunity to go and look at the colleges than others I never really bothered to check it out and lets just say that Goodricke College D-Block isn’t the best accommodation on campus.  Upon seeing my room, Anna commented that it looked a lot like a cell, which is true enough seen as though the walls are just breeze blocks painted a less than delightful shade of cream.  Also, the less than large kitchen with one cooker and three fridge-freezers intended for all 17 of us seemed like a less than exciting prospect.  Later on in the day we all grouped together in the kitchen and took part in some awkward forced socialising, playing games such as ‘Never Have I Ever’.  However, it all worked out eventually as we got to know each others names and soon made friends.  Fresher’s Week was a really great time as we took in all the sights and sounds of York and went to places that we never intend to go again (Blue Fly for example and personally I’ve never been to Ziggy’s since).  It was an really awesome start to our first term and I think we all enjoyed it immensely.
Corridor Photo

After the turmoil and excitement of the first week things began to settle down and we started to get used to our Goodricke surroundings.  Facing facts it was never the best accomodation and things were never perfect but together we made the best of it.  Thanks to living with so many great people it was easy enough to settle in and my only major trouble was cooking (which I have no talent for).  I’m not even sure what I ate in the first term but I think involved a considerable number of Pot Noodles, plain pasta and tins of beans.  Some may even recall me listening to pasta sauce to hear if was cooking (something that I was later much ridiculed for).  I suppose I also got a number of food parcels from my mum via my dad (who was working in York at the time) which helped tide me over, although these food parcels were resented by many of the others.  With some support I managed to improve my cooking repetoire beyond pasta for the second and third terms so I could actually make some viable meals. 

I don’t feel it would be right to finish talking about the first year without mentioning the Goodricke Bar Reps, my good friends Sophie, Tom, Tim and Sam.  They ran for the position in the Goodricke elections in the year and after winning it took over the duties of the Bar Reps, which mainly involves putting on events in the College Bar, McQs.  Every Monday, they put on a bar quiz that we, as their housemates, faithfully attended.  Personally, I have attended every bar quiz they have ever put on, a feat only matched by Dave I believe.  However, my attendance for the last two quizzes of term as severly endangered by the fact that I’ve come home now (is it worth the train fare?).  I’d also proudly like to say that we have been the most successful quiz team of the year, winning many a quiz and many a cheap bottle of alcohol as a prize.

Bar Quiz Winnings Our Alcohol Winnings at their height
Sadly, people soon began to figure out that we were the Bar Rep’s housemates and started to suspect foul play.  So much so we were booed once for winning (some people are just sore losers).  Our success in the bar quiz, sadly, has never quite been matched in the bonus round, which always involves some sort of bizarre challenge.  It is customary that Dave always does the bonus round no matter what it is, however, he has only one once in a dry cracker-eating contest (which left Dave crying and in great need of a drink).  Other bonus rounds have included a paper aeroplane contest (which we definitely should have won) and recently, in a Student Welfare-themed quiz, I had to hold a banana in my mouth while Dave to put a condom on it (not one of my proudest moments).

I have to say that what I have written is basically a random jumble of memories from my time in Goodricke in first year and not half of the stories I have of my time at Uni but I suppose I’ll keep them for another time.  All in all, the whole year of living in Goodricke and all the things that happened during that time with all the friends I made were fantastic and I can tell I’m going to really miss those times.

My course has also proved to work out quite well.  Apart from the Reflective Learning Journal and the Learning Portfolio that I mentioned earlier things have gone pretty well in this first year.  We were put into groups of 10 at the start of year to form a Student Law Firm, which is basically just a group that your in for practically everything.  My group consisted of Aditi, Ben, Felicity, Frankie, Hannah, Ian, Kate, Rachel and Sam, who fortunately are all great characters and we all managed to get on really well (although we have had some differences between us).  In the style of ‘The Apprentice’ we had to name our Student Law Firm at the start of the year and after some sort of team work exercise we ended up voting for Ab Initio (a latin legal term meaning from the beginning) as our name.  From there on we staked our claim as the best Student Law Firm in York Law School, whether we suceeded is highly debatable but from a purely subjective point of view I think we are (or perhaps that should be ‘were’, as we make new Student Law Firms next year).  I don’t think any of us are looking forward to being split up next year and being put with different people who just won’t understand us, however, I’m sure we’ll managed to survive one way or another.  Ab Initio has been a wonderful group to work with and I think we’ve all helped each other out over the course and especially during the exams.  It’ll be a shame to be broken up but I’m sure we’ll all still get to see each other and stay friends.

Moving onto the future, I’m very much looking forward to the start of next year as we all move into our houses.  It’s a daunting but exciting prospect and not sharing the kitchen with so many people is something I think we are all looking forward to.  I’m happy to say that I will still be living with the lovely ladies, Emma, Erin and Sarah as well as two newcomers in Toni and Chui next year on Cosmo Avenue (which is a pretty cool street name too).  However, I’m also quite sad as living with so many good friends was really great.  I think next year its going to be a bit more of an effort to see each other but I for one will certainly try to keep in close contact.  I certainly wouldn’t want to miss out on any of the fun.  Also, I’m sure I have another fun-filled year of Law ahead of me and if not, well I’m sure I’ll survive.  With any luck next year will be just as good as this year has been and I’ll be sure to do my best to make that the case.

To summarise, I’ve had a really awesome first year at University, I’ve made some awesome friends and I’m quite sad that it’s all over but looking forward to the future. 
That’s about all I’ve got for now…

Peace Out!


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