Goodbye Anna


A few days ago saw my very good friend Anna left Scarborough and seen as though I haven’t wrote anything in this blog for a while, I think it might be worthwhile blogging about this.  So, this blog is dedicated to my dear friend Anna who I will miss lots now that she won’t be around.  Anna has been living in Scarborough in rented accomodation while she finished her course at Westwood as her parents moved to London after she finished Sixth Form.  Now that Anna has finished her course and got accepted on a music course (well I imagine it’s a little more complex that just music but I can’t quite remember the name of the course) at Brighton University, so she’s moving onwards and upwards but sadly has to leave Scarborough.

Fortunately, although she was undoubtedly very busy, I got see Anna a couple of times before she left.  The first time we hung out along with my sister, which is what we usually do when Anna comes around, went around town and then ended up watching a Pokemon movie.  The movie wasn’t great but it gave us to do for the afternoon.  I also got to give Anna her leaving present, a Regina Spektor CD.  The second time, sadly my sister was busy but Anna brought Penny around to come and see Toffee (those are our dogs for clarity).  Toffee and Penny hadn’t seen each other for a long time but they used to get on really well back when Penny was just a puppy.  Penny is a bit bigger than she used to be but they still seemed to get on pretty well and did a bit of play fightning.  Danny also came down to see Anna as she would be leaving the next day so he came along to say goodbye to Anna.  We took the dogs down to the beach and threw a tennis ball around for the dogs.  Well I say the dogs but it was really only for Penny’s benefit as she’s way to fast for Toffee to actually get the ball and Toffee isn’t very good at playing fetch either.  We stayed on the beach for a while and then we went with Anna to go and see Kerry who was working in one of the shops in the new Sands building.  After that we headed back to my house to give Penny a bath to clean her from all the rock pools she’d been jumping in.  Anna put Penny in the bath and was filling it with water but the water got to hot and Penny made the most horrible squealing noise as she jumped out of the bath.  The experience seemed to leave Penny a bit shocked and she wasn’t quite so excitable after that, sat on the sofa wrapped in a towel shaking, Anna claimed she was just being a drama queen (which seemed a pretty fair point).  Danny had to leave to go to work soon after that so he said goodbye to Anna and went to catch the bus.  Anna and I then just watched some daytime TV until Anna’s parents came to pick her up to go for tea.  It probably wasn’t quite as exciting as Anna would have hoped for her last day in Scarborough and it was a pity that my sister couldn’t be around but I really appreciated Anna coming round to say goodbye.

I’ve known Anna for about three years now and she really is a very unique and amazing person.  She is really talented musician and has a great enthusiasm for music, traits that I’m sure will serve her well on her Uni course.  She also has a strange but hilarious sense of humour that I am going to miss greatly.  My whole family loves Anna, especially my sister and my dog Toffee (although she’s done some pretty cruel things to him over the years), and I think Anna has done a lot to bring me closer to my family, which I can’t thank her enough for.  I could probably talk for ages about this and that and reminisce over good times but I will just summarise that Anna is a person who means a lot to me and I’m very sad to see her go.  She will hopefully be visiting Scarborough during the Christmas holidays and hopefully I will see her again then, either way I hope we can keep in touch.  I wish her all the best for University and I’m sure she will have a great time and be very successful.

All the best Anna and this blog is very clearly dedicated to you.

Peace Out!


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