Twilight: New Moon Review


On Sunday evening, I went with Erin, Sarah and Katy to see the new Twilight movie, New Moon.  Obviously the hype around this movie has been massive but I thought I would go and check it out for myself.  Also, I have to say I went to see the first Twilight film with my sister, not knowing what the whole thing was, and actually quite enjoyed it.  Yes, the revelation that the real reason that vampires don’t come out in the daylight is because they are glittery was laughable, but as I remember, I found it quite enjoyable.  Sadly, as you may well be expecting by now, the same could not be said for the new movie New Moon.  Basically, if you are not a hormonal female teenager (in which case you’ll enjoy admiring the muscled bodies of Robert Pattison and Taylor Lautner, who spend considerable amounts of the movie topless- Hurray for feminism!) or someone who loves the Twilight books so much that any form of visual adaption would satisfy you then you then I can’t see why you would enjoy this film.

I have to say now that I haven’t read the books, for better or worse, but personally I think it makes me considerably less bias as I have no interest in seeing good in this movie where there isn’t.  My female housemates keep telling me that the book is much better, of which I have no doubt, however, this movie remains to be poor.  Although I have to say I am critical of the whole premise of the story, at least as it is potrayed in the film.   As far as I can see, the main female character, Bella Swan, is a far from endearing hormonal teen with an incredible level of angst.  It seems fairly clear that practically no Twilight fan that I’ve spoken to actually likes her character despite the fact that she is the main character.  Also, the whole story really boils down to a love triangle between this over-emotional teenage girl and two teenage boys.  It just so happens these teenage boys have deep dark supernatural secrets, you sure know how to pick them Bella, randomly picked from folklore.  It’s just a teen drama with vampires and werewolves in it, the story isn’t clever and just seems like a convoluted mess when you consider the other plot points that are mixed in- such as Bella’s immunity to vampire powers, which is apparently important in ways which are completely unexplored.  The film also fails to actually advance the storyline in any meaningful way, it might as well just be an introduction to Jacob Black’s character because that in effect is all that happens.  The situation at the start of the film of Bella wanting to become a vampire so she can be with Edward is exactly the same as the situation at the end, if the film makers hadn’t added in a bit of action there would be virtually nothing to this movie at all.

Aside from the fundamental problems with the very story on which the film is based I have other issues about how the film is presented.  Remember all those great characters from the first Twilight film? No?  Well nevermind because they won’t be appearing in this movie anyway.  In an odd decision, the movie seems to completely ignore all the other characters they went to the bother of introducing in the first film.  A funny point I found was that people repeatedly tell Bella not to be so reckless and crazy because she should think about Charlie- in my head I had to try hard to figure out who Charlie was but apparently it’s her dad.  None of the characters, outside of Bella and Jacob and to a much lesser extent Edward, are advanced at all and despite scenes of her continually abandoning her school friends and turning reclusive they all immediately forgive her for no adequately explained reason (apart from the fact that everyone seems to find her attractive- despite the whole manic depression thing).

Another issue is the soundtrack, it isn’t that the soundtrack is bad, in fact it has some great artists on it, including Bon Iver, St. Vincent, Muse, Lykke Li and Thom Yorke.  However, the way the music is incorporated into the film I thought generally detracted from the film rather than adding to the experience.  It seems the only way they could figure out to put the music in was to stop everything else that was happening and have some pointless montage while the song played.  They might as well have just put an advert for the movie soundtrack in the film because making such an excessive point of it felt like exactly the same thing.

After all that ranting, I should probably summarise that I thought Twilight: New Moon was a poor movie and considerably worse than the original movie, in my opinion.  It is far from deserving of the hype it has received and should be treated with the realistic vision that there are few redeeming features of this other than its affiliation with a popular series of books and, if you’re a teenage girl, the attractive young male actors.

Peace Out!


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