New Music


Just thought I’d make a blog detailing some of the new music I’m listening to at the moment and really enjoying.
So here we go:

The Morning Benders- Excuses

I’ll admit I don’t really know much about this band but saw there album got some good reviews and thought I’d check it out.  I really like this song, particularly the live version which can be seen above.  I’m not too sure about the rest of the work and may have to look into it more but I am definitely addicted to this song.  I love the lyrics ‘I made an excuse, and you found another way to tell the truth’.

Liars- Scissor

This song has a really dark feeling of urgency to it although I’m not entirely sure what it is about.  For me it kind of evokes images of Edward Scissorhands, particularly with the lyrics ‘I found her with my scissor’ and ‘…my hands are freaking out’.  Either way it’s a song I keep wanting to listen to and the video is pretty awesome too. 

Foals- Spanish Sahara

Of the bands on this list Foals is the only one I’d heard of previously.  I’ve listened to some of their past work, such as ‘Cassius’ and ‘Balloons’ and quite enjoyed it but this song seems to be a very different direction.  Foals previous work seemed to be mostly upbeat indie pop, whereas this song is a lot darker and lead singer Yannis Philippakis uses a very different vocal style.  I really like this track and look forward to checking out more when the new album Total Life Forever comes out.

Adam Green- Buddy Bradley

I read about Adam Green and his new album on so I decided to check it out and found this along with a number of other videos for songs from his new album Minor Love.  I enjoyed them a lot and have now listened to the whole album.  I have to say it’s good stuff, although I suppose you have to take a liking to Green’s rather quirky and eccentric lyrics.  Lines like ‘…you were the flatulent one’ as heard above are not uncommon in his work though I don’t feel they really detract from the enjoyment I get from his music.  If you’d like to hear something a little more serious from the album then you may want to search for ‘Boss Inside’.


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